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"As a little girl I always found older women very interesting, I still love to hear their conversations and stories. For years I've had the idea of developing something that was artistic and special featuring women sharing their stories. Recently, as I matured crossing into that "50 Club", I wanted to create a statement that says 'some of us are not trying to recapture our youth, but mature into our next phase with the best of what youth has taught us' states Regina Weatherspoon-Bell concept creator, producer and director of the Women Over 50 project.

Women Over 50 is a unique Art Exhibit, Documentary and Coffee Table Book featuring the photography of award-winning photographer, Benn Johnston. The documentary is directed by Regina Weatherspoon-Bell and Michael Kernan of High Desert Digital. Celebrated artist and teacher, Theresa Polley-Shellcroft. MA Fine Arts serves as the Exhibition's Curator and responsible for the compilation of the Coffee Table Book.

With joy, laughter, emotion, and depth, the Women Over 50 share their moving and thought-provoking insights. This exploration on photographs, film and written word truly captures the essence of twenty phenomenal women and their experiences.

This special project showcases……

The vision for "Women Over 50" is to uplift Women Over 50 and encourage others to experience and appreciate Women Over 50!

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