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It is so wonderful. You are amazing I am so proud to be included...

- Caroll Yule

I enjoyed the film. You did a great job, there was definitely a lot of empowering messages.

- Rashmi (Dr. Rashmi Shankar)


Applause! Applause! Today was the proof of your vision's merit! What a powerful message was delivered! I had friends (who know me well) and strangers (who now know me) expressing their appreciation for the honesty and depth of sharing each of our subject women gave. You delivered your labor of love!

Donna (Donna Siegel)

Yesterday I went over to the college for a documentary program - an artistic journey - entitled "Women Over 50". It was an excellent program with women sharing their stories. The whole event lasted from about 11-3, and it was held in the Performing Arts Center.

Twenty women over 50 participated in the stylized one-on-one dialogue with the filmmaker. With joy, laughter, emotion, and depth the Women Over 50 shared their moving, thought-provoking answers. The gal that thought this up said she wanted to create a statement that says 'some of us are not trying to recapture our youth, but mature into our next phase with the best of what youth has taught us'. They did a one-hour documentary film on twenty ladies in the high desert & all the ladies were there. You may very well have known one or more of them - I did. Benn Johnston did the photography & he was great.

I truly hope they do something like this every year in honor of women. Hopefully they will sell the DVD at some point. This summer they are suppose to come out with a coffee table book of this event. My friends told me about this and it was in the paper, although I don't think they did enough advertising. I wish it could have reached more women.

There is a beauty, grace, wisdom & joy to Maturity. Let's Celebrate Life & Live it Well...

- "m"

Congratulations! Well done, all the way through. Your presentation of Women Over 50 Event was excellent. The hours of preparation and diligence was evident.

Thank you for all of your hard work. Some people have asked if the video would be available for sale, please let me know if this is a possibility.

Yolanda (Yolanda Carlos)




- BEVERLY (Beverly Mefford)


It was a nice surprise to open up my mail this morning and see your message. I enjoyed looking at the photos, very impressed and always have been with your work. I tried looking for more at the link you provided but was unable to find more.

While looking at the photos I began to think about myself...that turning 50 in January 2012 being another milestone in my life. The number 50 meaning "jubilee" or "deliverance" and how as a women it's a time of celebration; the completion of 50 yrs of existence; of rejoicing.

Thank you Benn...it only took a moment after looking at your photos to reflect on how AWESOME 50 is going to be. And believe me, I wasn't looking at it but dreading it, thinking oh my goodness I'm getting older.

Your photos helped me to see it now with different eyes!! I will have to take a trip out to see you just so I can have my photo taken by the award-winning photographer that you are!

- Jan

I loved the event on Saturday it was wonderful! I had some good conversations and even business contacts happened….you did a wonderful job it went perfectly. The documentary film is amazing!

Congratulations! Talk with you soon.

- Linda (Linda Jacobson /Capstone Consulting Group)

Dear Gigi -

Good job - great documentary!

It was a kick seeing our neighbor, Dinah Shumway, in the video.

Mary (Mary Nachman,Retired Juvenile Court Judge)

Twenty ladies participated in the stylized one-on-one dialogue with the filmmaker, with two questions posed to them:

What was the greatest lesson you ever learned?
What was the greatest lesson you ever taught?

With joy, laughter emotion and depth, the Women Over 50 share their moving, thought-provoking answers. The filmmaking team of Regina Weatherspoon-Bell (Executive Producer / Director), Michael Kernan (Director of Photography / Editor) and Benn Johnston (Still Photographer) truly captures the essence of these phenomenal women and their experiences.

"Women Over 50" is the passionate brainchild of filmmaker, media entrepreneur and community leader Regina Weatherspoon-Bell: "As a little girl I always found older women very interesting, I still love to hear their conversations and stories. For years I've had the idea of developing something that was artistic and special featuring women sharing their stories. Recently, as I matured crossing into that "50 Club", I wanted to create a statement that says 'some of us are not trying to recapture our youth, but mature into our next phase with the best of what youth has taught us'. I wanted to create a visual for people to actually see the truth of what that looks like. Most importantly, I wanted to create something that says 'don't dismiss, overlook or count us out!'"

Ms. Bell's vision for "Women Over 50" is to uplift Women Over 50 and encourage others to experience and appreciate Women Over 50!