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Proceeds from this project benefits TPS,Creative Expressions, Inc.

TPS, Creative Expressions Inc. was incorporated in November 2003 as a non profit organization to promote the arts in the community. Its mission is to promote healthy communities and provide opportunities in the arts for all ages including knowledge, personal economic development and artistic skill development.Profits from the sale of items from Women Over 50 store benefits this organization

These programs include developing community awareness of the importance of the arts in life; scholarships in the arts; instruction and workshops; exhibitions and the marketing of "One of a kind handcrafted items" by artisans.

Previous exhibitions include "Honoring Our Mothers" at Victor Valley College Library, African American arts exhibitions, at the Victor Valley Museum and Art Gallery; quilt art exhibits, Hands Together Craft Shop, South Carolina and the Black Business Expo, Los Angeles. Workshops have been provided to various groups including the DelTeens of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., High Desert Chapter. Other workshops and lectures include "The Art of Romare Bearden and Jazz"; "Hands Across Time," African American women in the arts; "Discovering Your Creative Expression"; and the history of African American Art and Quilting.

TPS Creative Expressions, Inc. works with other local organizations such as the High Desert Black Heritage Committee (Martin Luther King and Juneteenth Celebrations), Gi & Associates, and Maggie Vee Productions.
To learn how to become involved or donate, Contact: Theresa Polley-Shellcroft, Founder/President, (760) 261-7605

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Produced By

Twenty ladies participated in the stylized one-on-one dialogue with the filmmaker, with two questions posed to them:

What was the greatest lesson you ever learned?
What was the greatest lesson you ever taught?

With joy, laughter emotion and depth, the Women Over 50 share their moving, thought-provoking answers. The filmmaking team of Regina Weatherspoon-Bell (Executive Producer / Director), Michael Kernan (Director of Photography / Editor) and Benn Johnston (Still Photographer) truly captures the essence of these phenomenal women and their experiences.

"Women Over 50" is the passionate brainchild of filmmaker, media entrepreneur and community leader Regina Weatherspoon-Bell: "As a little girl I always found older women very interesting, I still love to hear their conversations and stories. For years I've had the idea of developing something that was artistic and special featuring women sharing their stories. Recently, as I matured crossing into that "50 Club", I wanted to create a statement that says 'some of us are not trying to recapture our youth, but mature into our next phase with the best of what youth has taught us'. I wanted to create a visual for people to actually see the truth of what that looks like. Most importantly, I wanted to create something that says 'don't dismiss, overlook or count us out!'"

Ms. Bell's vision for "Women Over 50" is to uplift Women Over 50 and encourage others to experience and appreciate Women Over 50!